Fantastic Ranger History


Get a short history overview on how everything started out with FANTASTIC RANGER and how this adventure project evolved to date.

  • First holiday trip to Indonesia visiting Bali
  • Discovered beautiful animals in the Bali National Park
  • I was fascinated by the intense light, colors and the lush nature
  • Took lots of pictures with a cheap compact and my handy cam
  • The photos turned out quite good so I decided to make my first photo show

  • Bought my first DSLR camera set
  • Took a fully planned second trip to Bali Barat
  • Made my first encounters with a variety of insects, snakes and wild boars

  • Planned trip to the Baluran National Park on Java
  • My camera equipment is now extended with some very good tele lenses
  • Main focus on reptiles, amphibians and first time on mammals

  • First planned trip to Ujun Kulon National Park on Java
  • First time in a almost impenetrable jungle with a variety of animals
  • Great variety of landscapes changing from jungle to savannah to desert
  • Although there were a lot of different animals living in that area we had lots of difficulties in seeing them

  • Another trip to Java as I wanted to concentrate on different spots on this island
  • My first attempts in taking some movie shots besides shooting photos
  • Visited Surabaja with it’s great variety of birds
  • Guided trip to Ujun Kulon National Park (west Java) where I traveled on the water roads by speed boat
  • First contacts and exchanges with those in charge of the Baluran National Park for a future collaboration

Fist trip in March
  • Took some of the fist photos of wild dogs in the Baluran National Park
  • One more time in Surabaja to see the large variety of birds
  • Visited the mangroves and islands on a guided boat trip to Ujun Kulon National Park (west Java). Great water roads on the beautiful water landscapes in this area
Second trip in September
  • First private/personal trip across the awesome landscapes of the Ujun Kulon National Park
  • Further extending my skills in taking more movies
  • First adventure trip to the Anak Krakatau volcano where I took a lot of movie clips
  • Visited the Wajkambas National Park where I collaborated in a scientific research