Fantastic Ranger in the jungle


Since I was a kid I always loved to be part of all kinds of adventures. Ever since I love to be in the awesome richness of nature with a deep love for animals. Some years ago I discovered southeast Asia as my preferred playground for photography and adventure trips and it led me to the idea to create some sort of special platform.

FANTASTIC RANGER is a platform that I created in collaboration with my longtime friend Enzo Lopardo – who is a grafic designer, musician and photographer. Under this label I want to showcase my latest photographic work as well as my new passion for movie creations.

I hope you enjoy what you see on this website and visit us regularly as I’m continously updating my galleries and feeding my blog with the latest activities. If you have any questions feel free to drop me some lines – I’ll be glad to answer them.


Philippe Ganz

_lopardo_DSC_2706_k-3I found my way back to photography for my love for nature and animals on my numerous expeditions that I made to Papua, Bali and Java. Since then it took me under its spell and made a real enthusiast out of me! Out of my photographic work I have produced my own animated picture shows where I combined my skills as photographer, producer and composer. On my last trips I discovered the high potential of taking and producing some short movie clips. It’s definitely a new challenge for me to dig deeper into this very interesting and promising mixed / hybrid media as it offers new ways of expression.

My goal in taking photographs / movies is to show the uniqueness of nature and the perfection of different animals living in their natural environment. Besides photography I dedicate myself to projects in Indonesia like volunteers jobs in the Baluran National Park. I’ll be in charge to introduce new guides to their work in the National Parks as well as introduce visitor groups of tourist to the culture and habits of the country.

Furthermore I will install a small documentary photo gallery at the ranger station  for informational purposes. This way Visitors and tourists will get a first impression of the National Park with some of the typical animals and plants of the area along with the most important informations about it.